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AbiMat Cleaning Services provide carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services throughout Kidderminster and the surrounding areas.

The type of cleaning will depend upon the circumstances of the job but we are able to undertake all the major processes, which include:

Hot Water ExtractionWe use up-to-date equipment but don't use harmful detergents or solvents. Our process does not leave a sticky residue. It is hygienic and cleans to the base of the pile leaving the carpet or item of upholstery fresh, clean and healthy. We use commercial carpet driers to help reduce drying times.

Dry Fusion
A low moisture system that cleans, deodorises, stain blocks and heat dries the carpet in one process leaving carpets dry in 30 minutes. This system is ideal for use everywhere but is especially good in offices, care/nursing homes or any commercial premises where carpets need to be cleaned and dry for immediate re-use.

Dry Absorbent Powder
Suitable where any kind of water / moisture cleaning is inappropriate.

In addition to carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning we also offer:

  • Spot and Stain removal / treatment service
  • Carpet and Fabric Protector application

If you want a local family business that you can rely on to provide high quality carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning in the Kidderminster and surrounding area, then please contact AbiMat Cleaning Services today!

Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning
Dry Fusion carpet cleaning

To find out more about carpet and
upholstery cleaning services, call on: 01562 637 839
07837 513 505

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